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If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt, know that there is relief with Seelinger Law. It is unfair to yourself and your family to wonder how you are going to make your next house payment or how you will pay for your next meal. Seelinger Law concentrates on bankruptcy law, particularly Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Seelinger Law’s goal is to provide each client with a personalized experience, and help clients understand:

If you find yourself in this situation, filing for bankruptcy with Seelinger Law can give you the relief that you need.

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Filing for Bankruptcy is Not Giving Up; It is Choosing to Have a Fresh Start

Bankruptcy is a Fresh Start

If filing for bankruptcy resulted in a person losing everything the debtor owned, with everything being sold to pay back creditors, the debtor would be forced back into debt to replace necessities, such as a home, a car, furniture, appliances, etc. Working with Seelinger Law allows the debtor to keep their assets while removing the obligation to pay back debts, to truly have a fresh economic start in life when filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws are intended to be a remedy for persons who have fallen heavily into debt, usually through no fault of their own.

The decision to file for bankruptcy is yours. Give yourself and your family a fresh financial start and do something that can get you out of the mess, and stop the snowball of consequences from a missed payment in its tracks.

bankruptcy is a fresh start
chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 7 “liquidation” implies that there will be a sale of the individual or business’ assets, with the sale proceeds to be paid to the creditors. Fortunately for individuals, the law allows individual debtors to keep enough of their assets to enable the individual to have a “fresh start” while eliminating unsecured debts through a bankruptcy discharge. Seelinger Law will evaluate your circumstances, including the value of your assets and any risk associated with losing assets to a trustee sale, before advising you to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 13, Individual Debt Adjustment can be used to cure a default on the debtor’s mortgage over three to five years. You may be named as a defendant in a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit. You might be interested in knowing that you have options which may enable you to avoid losing your home. You may owe back taxes to the IRS. Chapter 13 allows you to repay those over three to five years, usually without penalties or interest. Seelinger Law concentrates on Chapter 13 – Individual Debt Adjustment of the individual, or business’ assets, and we can confidently say that we have never had an unsatisfied or unhappy client.

chapter 13 bankruptcy
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Additional Information and Resources About Filing for Bankruptcy

Seelinger Law provides excellent legal service which begins with your access to their expertise when you need it. At Seelinger Law, your case and your satisfaction are paramount. You deserve this kind of access when you use your hard earned money to hire a lawyer to work for you. Seelinger Law makes it a priority to answer various questions that come with potentially filing for bankruptcy, such as:

Contact Seelinger Law today for your free consultation; we can help, and provide you with guidance when you need it most

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