"The Perfect Choice: I was stressed, nervous and upset by the whole idea of filing for bankruptcy. Rebeka was able to calm my fears and embarrassment during the entire process. She is a kind and caring person and I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of filing for bankruptcy. The paperwork was quite confusing at time and she was always there to answer any questions thereby making the whole ordeal easier than I ever could have imagined. Thank you again Rebeka!"

"Filing for bankruptcy was one of the most stressful and overwhelming times of my life. I felt lost and consumed by the thought of the entire process. I called Rebeka and she immediately calmed my fears. She is extremely understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing her clients with personalized service. Unlike other attorneys, Rebeka does an excellent job to ease the fears of her clients and if clients have trouble with transportation, she can come to YOU! She was very prompt, professional and accurate in all of her work. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to have her represent me and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone."

"My husband and I retained Rebeka as our bankruptcy lawyer. I was so nervous and embarrassed to even think about going through bankruptcy. But Rebeka made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process. I never felt like she was judging us and that, to me, is a big think. She is not just a lawyer, she cares about her clients. Rebeka kept my husband and me up to date on every step of the process. It wasn’t as hard as people say it is. There’s a lot of paperwork but she helps you every step of the way so you are not feeling so overwhelmed. If you are considering bankruptcy, the best thing you can do is to call Rebeka and let her help you!"

"I retained Rebeka to handle my bankruptcy and she was incredibly professional and extremely compassionate and understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has any doubts or misunderstandings about the process or who just wants it handled gently and professionally. I highly recommend her for ANY of the many legal services she provides!"

"If you need a great bankruptcy attorney you MUST hire Rebeka Seelinger!! She is the greatest!!!! She was not just my lawyer. She was my mother, sister, friend AND Lawyer. She never made me feel like I was an irresponsible person that was avoiding my responsibilities. Just understood that people make mistakes and that’s what she was there for, to help me get a fresh start. I had made myself so sick over my debt that I couldn’t even open my mail any more. I just put it in a plastic bag. (Outta sight outta mind does not work.) She did it for me. Now, I can open my mail and answer the phone. Without her and I do believe that ONLY SHE could have helped me. I would still have piles of unopened mail and still be avoiding phone calls. Many, many, many thanks Rebeka! You always be in my heart and in my prayers!"

"Rebeka Seelinger is a great lawyer. She truly goes so far and beyond for you. We never had to come to her; she always came to our house. But that is our choice. Rebeka makes you feel so comfortable and keeps in touch with you all about her work and clients. She is the best. I would recommend Rebeka to everyone I now. Thank you Rebeka for all you have done for us and are still doing. We appreciate you."

"We decided it was time to file bankruptcy and get out from underneath the house, cars, and all our credit cards. Attorney Seelinger was very nice to us. She really cared about our situation. I thought there would be lots of shame, but she really shared with us some of her other clients and helped us through a very difficult time."

"Ms. Seelinger made bankruptcy very easy for me. I thought it would take months for the entire process and a lot of work, but I was pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was gather some information for her and she explained everything to me. I was worried I would be confused or not understand what was happening. She is great and most important to me, she really cared about me- I didn’t have to work through a secretary or assistant; Ms. Seelinger spoke to me each and every time I called."

"Ms. Seelinger made the process of filing for bankruptcy very painless for us. I thought filing was going to be an arduous task, as so many people had warned us, but with Rebeka as our lawyer, it was filing our paperwork when she gave them to us, and then she did the rest. Highly recommended."

"Rebeka was a great attorney for my wife and me to work with. We had many questions about bankruptcy and were not certain if it was the right move for us. Rebeka spoke with us and went beyond the basics in answering our questions. We had a couple unique situations that she took all the pain and anxiety away from."Rebeka helped my husband and me with our bankruptcy. I was extremely apprehensive about the whole process but Rebeka made it so easy. She is quick to answer questions and clarify any and every aspect of the filing. Our trustee meeting lasted all of 20mins and we were done! I highly recommend her services. A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders thanks to her help."

"Rebeka helped my husband and me file for bankruptcy.  I was extremely apprehensive about the whole process but Rebeka made it easy.  She is quick to answer questions and clarify any and every aspect of filing.  Our trustee meeting lasted all of 20min and we were done!  I highly recommend her services.  A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders thanks to her help."

"Rebeka was extremely helpful, kind and knowedgeable ...she did not look at me as a dollar sign, but a person going through a tough period in life...I would highly recommend using her."

"From the very first time that I spoke with Rebeka, she made me feel at ease and more comfortable with my decision.  She was very empathetic and understanding and I never once felt as though I was being judged.  She also explained the whole bankruptcy process in a way that I could understand it and not feel overwhelmed by it.  I would highly recommend Rebeka!  Not only did she do a great job as a my lawyer, I really liked her as a person."

"My wife and I found ourselves overextended after retirement.  We contacted Attorney Rebeka Seelinger and she carefully explained our options.  All thorugh this stressful process, Ms. Seelinger was at our side.  We followed her thoughtful advice and have received our closing documents.  We are thankful we turned to Attorney Seelinger and recommend her to all who are contemplating bankruptcy."

"Rebeka Seelinger is an excellent attorney.  She is professional, efficient and kind.  She made the intimidating process of filing bankruptcy easy and straightforward.  She even came to our house for our appointments.  Four months after hiring her our debt is discharged and we have our financial freedom back.  Hire Rebeka if you want a bankruptcy attorney who will care and PERSONALLY answer your calls and emails...the same day!"

"When I contacted Rebeka I had a wage garnishment from my work.  Rebeka took action right away and stopped the garnishment immediately  before they were able to take any more money from my paycheck.  Rebeka worked with me with a payment plan.  Her first priority was to stop the garnisment.  She responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly both during the bankruptcy and after it was over.  She truly made the process painless.  Do not be afraid to call her, she can help." 

 "The last thing I ever thought I would be involved with was bankruptcy.  Just the mere thought of it was more stressful than keeping on multiple payments to creditors that were knocking on the door monthly.  The embarrassment that is often associated with bankruptcy was foremost in my mind. Attorney Seelinger was the answer to my prayers.  She went out of her way to make sure that I did not feel ashamed embarrassed or  less of an individual. She was extremely throrough, professional and above else, caring. From the moment F walked into her office I felt the compassion that most attorneys lack.  Attorney Seelinger is not just an outstanding lawyer, she is an outstanding person as well and I will be forever thankful to her for her services.  If you are in need of a bankruptcy lawyer and will only settle for the best...Rebeka Seelinger should be your only call!" -B.K. February 2015.

"Highly recommended, so glad I went with Seelinger Law for my bankruptcy! I was 8 months pregnant when I was sued by a credit card company, Rebeka walked me through all the steps, reassured me that it would be taken care of, and was always very accommodating to my busy schedule. She answered every question I had, made sure I understood every step, and that I was prepared for what was coming next. Everything went very smoothly and I am now debt free and able to re start my life! She is also the only bankruptcy attorney I found that REALLY does do payment plans! Thank you for everything!" -A.K. March 2015.

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