Springime is a time of new beginnings, a time of change and a time of increased expenses for families.  Parents are looking at summer camps and swimming lessons and childcare for their kids.  Kids want to go to concerts and amusement parks and join clubs.  All of these things cost money.  Recently I have had people call me and inquire as to whether they file bankruptcy on their own without counsel.   As a parent myself, I understand the financial stresses that come with that warm, relaxing sunshine.  I can relate to the desire to save a little money.  Your bankrutpcy filing however is not the place to save a few bucks.  Bankruptcy is governed by federal law and it is a federal filing through the federal courthouse.  In the local jurisidctions, bankruptcy filings are prmiarily done electronically which means that the filer must be trained in the filing prorcess, receive certification and have a password to sign in to the softward. 

Beyond the technical difficulties of filing on your own, it is important that your paperwork be complete or your risk a dismissal of your case.  Take the actor/comedian Sinbad for example, he filed bankrutpcy back in 2009 but his bankruptcy was dismissed because he did not complete all of the required paperwork.  If the Judge dismissed the case of a famous person, the Judge will certainly dismiss the case of a layperson.  It is simply not worth the risk of giving up your opporutnity to discharge your debts and get a fresh financial start becaue you are not an expert on bankruptcy flinings.  (Not to mention the intricacies of the bankruptcy laws.)  When you call Seelinger Law, I, Rebeka Seelinger am cognizant of the financial burdens of your past and of your present.  I offer a free consultatoin and individual payment plans that us to tailor a plan that works for you.  Do not make the mistake of calling a huge general practice law firm which may not specialize in bankruptcy practice and will not have the flexiblity to offer payment plans. 

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