Yes, David Cassidy who is famous for encouraging others to just "Come On and Get Happy," may not be so happy right now.

David did file for bankruptcy, but I sincerely do not think that bankruptcy is his biggest impediment to getting happy.

David has had three DUIs in the past 5 years and his blood alcohol in at least two of them was more than twice the legal limit.

In addition, David is facing a divorce action from his wife as well as domestic violence charges...hmm, could it be related to his substance abuse problem? Sounds like most of his debts are from attorney fees from the divorce and criminal suits, as well as dealing with splitting assets and increasing expenses from the divorce.

Let me assure you that his bankrutpcy attorney is not the one racking up his debt.In my opinion, bankruptcy WILL help to make David happy as he will be able to free himself from those attorney debts and get that fresh start.

Doesn't it seem unfair though? Most of my clients are not childhood heartthrobs, but hard working parents trying their BEST to make ends meet for their families.

Rebeka Seelinger of Seelinger Law can help you experience debt relief. If you are in trouble with debt collectors or feel bankruptcy may be for you, contact her today for your free consultation to discuss your options and how bankruptcy may be able to help.

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