Converse Helped by Bankruptcy

Converse Helped by BankruptcyConverse Sneakers are an American Icon.

The company was estabished back in 1908 and called itself The Converse Rubber Shoe Company. The company took off in 1921 when basketball player Charles H. Taylor started wearing the shoes and the All Star basketball shoe with Taylor's signature was added to the patch. Converse continued to situate itself with basketball players and in 1962 it customized shoes for the first all-African American team, the New York Renaissance. In 1941, Converse supported the World War II effort by manufacturing clothing and shoes for the United States militiary.

Converse used the Bankruptcy Laws to restructure it's business in 2001, and now it is back and better than ever. The Converse name is worn by actors such as Kristen Stewart and Drew Barrymore. The company created special editions with the help of fashion icons John Varvatos and Missoni. Converse may have found it's new niche with the skateboarding population as it continues to thrive with the new generation of young people, the millennial generation.

Converse is just another example of how Bankruptcy can help you get out of debt, find a fresh start, and come back better than ever.

Rebeka Seelinger of Seelinger Law can help you experience debt relief. If you are in trouble with debt collectors or feel bankruptcy may be for you, contact her today for your free consultation to discuss your options and see how she can help.

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