Sky Mall filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at case In re: SkyMall LLC, 15-bk-00679, US Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona.

Xhibit Corp, SkyMall’s parent is looking to sell its assets through an auction supervised by the Court and the Trustee. 

In other words, it looks like this catalog will not be on future flights any time soon. 

Ask almost anyone who has been on an airplane since 1990 and they will be familiar with this in-flight shopping catalog.  Most people, including myself breezed over it because I was bored and wanted to get a good chuckle.  But until recently, people must have found these items useful or at least attractive enough to buy as it somehow stayed afloat.

Why did Sky Mall fail?  Is it because the novelties weren’t so novel?  Probably.  Other companies came up with better and cheaper novelties and sold them on sites that were much easier to access such as Amazon or Ebay. 

However, more importantly, Sky Mall no longer had the captive audience that it needed now that passengers are able to use their smartphones and laptops on the planes.  There are better things to do now then look at paper towel holders with 4 USB Ports or toilet seats that glow in the dark .

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