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Seelinger Law provides excellent legal bankruptcy services which begins with your access to their expertise whenever you need it. At Seelinger Law, your case and your satisfaction are paramount. You deserve this kind of access when you use your hard earned money to hire a lawyer to work for you. Seelinger Law makes it a priority to answer questions and provide information that is useful when potentially filing for bankruptcy, such as:

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You Should File for Bankruptcy Sooner Rather than Later

The stress of debt can interfere with your marriage and home life, your career, your business, and even your health. Since a Chapter 7 can be over in a matter of a few months, it is worth it to seek legal advice and your free consultation at Seelinger Law sooner rather than later. And if you are already seriously considering filing, it will save you money immediately. You are probably still attempting to make some payments, even if they are late, or not full payments. If you kept this up for a year before filing bankruptcy, you are throwing your money away on debts that could have been discharged already.

If you are currently dealing with the stress of medical bills, loss of overtime hours, borrowing from your retirement, or if you have late house, car, and utility payments, now is the time to seek professional advice and file for bankruptcy. Take care of yourself, your spouse, your children, your elderly parents, your medical issues, and start by calling Seelinger Law today. We have never had someone tell Seelinger Law afterward that they wish they had not filed. In fact, every one of our clients tell us that they feel relieved and their only regret is that they did not file sooner.

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Are My Creditors Required to Accept My Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop creditors from harassing you, stop wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. The law provides an “Automatic Stay,” which is a statutory injunction prohibiting creditors from beginning or continuing with most forms of collection activity. Creditors do not have the right to refuse to honor the effects of a bankruptcy filing, nor can a creditor refuse to be named as a creditor in a bankruptcy case.

In Chapter 13, the debtor may propose to catch up on missed payments over three to five years, and such a proposal can result in the court denying a request by a car lender to proceed with repossession based on missed payments. Your attorneys at Seelinger Law can provide you with more examples of how the Automatic Stay works in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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You Might Not Need to File for Bankruptcy If…

  • You are “Judgment Proof”
  • You can settle with your creditors
  • You might be able to pay your creditors, even if not “on time”
  • You might be able to get a home equity loan or withdraw funds from your pension to pay off debts

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