Will bankruptcy take care of my student loans?

Although student loans are listed in your petition, they are generally not discharged at the end of a bankruptcy case. It is a very rare case when a student loan will be deemed dischargeable in bankruptcy. Your attorney will have to show that you cannot work at any job at the present time nor in the future, not simply the job that you were trained to do, further that you are not able to make the slightest payment, even several dollars toward your student loan each month. Although the bankruptcy laws make it difficult to discharge student loan, it is not impossible and your attorney can give you advice on other options for almost indefinite deferment or lowering your payment to something reasonable such as $20 per month.

Will bankruptcy take care of my past due child support?

Although past due child support payments are not discharged in bankruptcy, you can still file for bankruptcy even if you are behind on your domestic obligation.  Further, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to give you the time that you need to catch up on your domestic support obligations and deal with any arrearages.  Bankruptcy could save you from losing your license, being dragged to court or even being held in contempt and going to jail for missed payments.

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