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Rebeka Seelinger was recently honored as a recipient of a Top 40 under 40 award from the Erie Reader. The paper selects a group of 40 individuals in the area who are making a difference in the Erie community and are known for their passion for a better tomorrow. These people have what the paper calls a “clear vision and steady leadership,” and Rebeka is honored to be a part of this elite group.

All of us who have worked with Rebeka already know that she serves as a role model for local women, attorneys, and Erie entrepreneurs. Her desire to help people is expressed in her practice and her work in the community. Of her career, Rebeka says, “… I hope to change the way people look at bankruptcy, and in so doing continue to be a part of improving the future of both my clients and our wonderful community.”

Rebeka considers herself more than just a bankruptcy attorney, and loves taking on the role of compassionate counselor, helping clients see their financial futures in a new light. She encourages people not to judge bankruptcy filers i.e. good people who are dealing with bad situations and has given speaking engagements on her message.

The list of 40 under 40 is a big honor and recognizes some of the brightest members of the Erie community.

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