This is a very common concern. Although there is no law requiring banks to give you a loan within a certain period of time, let me tell you about an experience from last week.

A client whom I filed only 16 months ago called me from a mortgage loan bank branch asking me for another copy of her Chapter 7 Order of Discharge (she had misplaced it). “No problem,” I said. She explained that she was approved for a mortgage and simply needed to provide the paperwork. I faxed over the papers to Wells Fargo immediately and she was approved right then and there. 
Her dream was coming true; she was getting her first house. This example shows that private banks are willing to assist with mortgage loans even within 2 years of filing for bankruptcy. Banks are concerned with seeing that new clients have a steady future income and the fact that she filed Chapter 7 bankrutpcy in the past makes her a more attractive customer as she has fewer obligations remaining. Congratulations KS. –Fall 2013

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