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What to look for in a lawyer

What to look for in a lawyer

Tuesday Jan 18th, 2022

If you have been considering filing for bankruptcy protection, you may have noticed that there are quite a few attorneys who offer representation for filing bankruptcy.  How do you know which law firm would be the best fit for you?

Experience should be taken into consideration

An attorney who has represented debtors in bankruptcy for many years has handled a wide variety of cases, and very likely an experienced attorney has helped people with circumstances similar to yours.  However, experience alone should not be your basis for selecting an attorney. 

At Seelinger Law, our experience benefits our clients directly.  And, we have a lot of experience (see Meet Our Attorneys).

Look for personalized attention

Some attorneys meet with a new client for an initial consultation, then turn the file over to their assistants.  From that point on, your only access to the attorney is through the assistant, who may or may not relay your questions to the attorney for answers.  If the attorney does not get to know you, and personally answer your questions, what good is that attorney’s experience when it comes to helping you?

Other attorneys claim to be the best bankruptcy lawyers in your area, and they might have been practicing for a number of years.  However, that is no guarantee that the attorney really is a good bankruptcy lawyer, let alone the “best.”  In fact, some attorneys with very impressive looking websites have grown their practices through volume alone, not offering good, let alone excellent, representation, and not caring about the interests of their clients. Attorneys like that leave a trail of unhappy clients, yet continue to care only about the number of clients they can bring in.

The attorneys at Seelinger Law personally handle your case, and they care about your needs.  If you have questions, Seelinger Law’s attorneys are available to answer them directly, by telephone, email or by video conference.  Experienced, personalized attention to you, the client, that is what you should look for in a bankruptcy attorney.

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