Seelinger Law was founded by Attorney Rebeka A. Seelinger with the goal of providing each client with a personalized experience, helping clients achieve a fresh start with the comfort of knowing that their attorney truly cares about them. In furtherance of that goal, Seelinger Law has added Attorney Richard J. Bedford to the firm, along with his more than 40 years of bankruptcy law experience. Meet our attorneys.

Seelinger Law is the Best Choice for Your Bankruptcy Needs

Seelinger Law understands that people suffer financial hardships for a variety of reasons, and we find the solutions that best fit your needs by listening to you and discussing your options, so that we can determine whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you.

The attorneys at Seelinger Law pride themselves on being available to our clients when you need us, making the time to answer questions, explain matters, and personally attend your meetings with the Trustee and hearings before the courts. Unlike some law firms, our clients are not handed off to paralegals or administrative staff after we accept your case. We take your telephone calls, respond to your emails, and meet with you in person for as long as it takes to get the results you need.

Seelinger Law offers convenient locations in Western Pennsylvania to accommodate clients from a diverse geographic area.

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Explore Your Options and Get Legal Advice

Maybe you are not sure if bankruptcy is the right direction for you. Sometimes people need just to check out their options. At Seelinger Law, we believe that you should find out your opportunities.

Free Initial Consultation

We believe that bankruptcy is a way out, a way to a fresh financial start just as Congress intended, not the nasty “B” word that creditors would have you believe. Many people have misconceptions about bankruptcy. By calling Seelinger Law, you can meet with one of our bankruptcy attorneys to talk about your situation. We will assess your case without any strings attached. Your meeting will be relaxed and without commitment, and that’s a guarantee.

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initial consultation
bankruptcy consultation

Payment Plans

We understand that money is hard to come by, especially at this point in your life when you need some advice about your financial worries and your bankruptcy options. We can develop a payment plan to work with any budget. Here at Seelinger Law, we want you to receive a fresh financial start, and we do not want attorney fees to stand in the way.

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Flexible and Convenient Office Hours

We know that you work hard for a living and we do not want you to lose pay or taking vacation time just so that you can meet with us. We have evening hours available in some of our locations to make things convenient and flexible for you. Once again, client service and satisfaction is our priority.

speak with a lawyer right away
speak with a lawyer right away

Speak with a Lawyer Right Away – No Waiting

When you are having financial difficulty, it is all that you can think about. You have burning questions and you want answers right away. Don’t worry–when you call Seelinger Law, your call will be promptly directed to a bankruptcy attorney. You will be able to get answers right away over the telephone. If it sounds unusual to you, you are right-it is. Most law firms require you to leave a message with a secretary or customer service agent-and then you have to wait a week or maybe longer to speak with, let alone to meet with an attorney. Seelinger Law is different. An actual bankruptcy & consumer rights attorney is waiting to help you at the other end of the phone.

speak with a lawyer right away

You will not be Left in the Hands of a Secretary

Many of the more significant law firms have lawyers who appear only for a handshake. Other lawyers run themselves ragged all over Western Pennsylvania to meet clients, and hire secretaries and paralegals to meet with clients and potential clients. Some firms have attorneys who have day jobs and take on their clients part-time on the side. At Seelinger Law, you will have your own bankruptcy & consumer rights attorney who will be dedicated to your case at all times. All Seelinger Law attorneys spend their time ensuring that they maintain the highest level of skill in their practice and the highest level of customer service. This means the best possible legal care for you.

hands of an attorney
ease of access to attorney

Easy Access to Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Clients are surprised that they have the direct number and email address of their attorney. They are even more surprised when their questions are answered within the same day and even the same hour. Other lawyers take days to respond to phone calls or emails, use secretaries or paralegals to answer questions or set up specific times when clients can contact them.

Seelinger Law provides excellent legal service which begins with your access to their expertise when you need it. We are available to answer your questions daily, and even on evenings and weekends. At Seelinger Law, your case and your satisfaction are paramount. You deserve this kind of access when you use your hard earned money to hire a lawyer to work for you.

ease of access to attorney

Beware of Larger Firms

Many of the larger firms are not locally based, and their attorneys are only available in your area a couple of times a month. Other larger firms do most of their business with corporate bankruptcies and take a few personal bankruptcy cases on the side. At Seelinger Law, we believe that you should be able to see your lawyer at a local office any day of the week. You should not have to wait a week or even several days to visit the local office. Seelinger Law focuses its practice solely on individuals with economic stress so that you will be the priority, and your case will be given the highest level of attention.

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beware of large lawfirms


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